Sandton Diet | Leanne Katz | healthy smoked salmon and feta scrambled eggs
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healthy smoked salmon and feta scrambled eggs

healthy smoked salmon and feta scrambled eggs

Welcome back to Sandtondiet. Today’s healthy recipe was a real meal of convenience. I had a guest over for dinner. He arrived with a bag of freshly baked pita breads and I hadn’t planned supper yet. I decided then that the pitas could be used for leftovers but there was nothing in the fridge that I felt like eating. And hence the recipe for these healthy pimped up scrambled eggs was born

I offered my guest scrambled eggs to add to his pita because that is what I felt like but felt a bit embarrassed about offering him plain scrambled eggs. So I decided to look around and see if I could pimp up the eggs a bit. I checked the fridge and freezer and found some smoked salmon, feta cheese and spring onions. Wow! What a delicious meal. This could be served for a light dinner, for lunch or for brunch and it really was guest worthy. It was quick and easy to prepare and is a healthy high protein meal. I found the eggs so filling that I only needed half a pita bread.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as we did.

Smoked salmon, feta and spring onion scrambled eggs in pita

1 Tablespoon butter

4 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

125g fat free feta

100g smoked salmon

2 spring onions

2 pita breads

Melt the butter in a non-stick pan
Add the eggs and season with salt and pepper
When the eggs are nearly cooked add the feta, salmon and spring onions and mix through the eggs until the added ingredients are evenly distributed
Cut open a pita and add the eggs to the inside of the pocket and enjoy!

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